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Commercial Relationships with the Association

The National Scorpion Class is a commercially viable partner for sponsorship, advertising and other mutually beneficial opportunities.

The level of economic activity within the class demonstrates its value.

Total investment in Scorpions for the three years 2019-21 is:

In the last 3 years:

- There has been  £150,000 spent on new boats!

- 2nd hand boat sales are the life blood of new members . Over 40 sales represents in excess of  £100,000 invested in boats.

- With additional investment in sails in excess of £60,000 invested 

The total investment in the Scorpion Class over those 3 years could be as much as £320k.

Then take the entries list solution of pre-entry and cash paid for the champs before The Dinghy Show this year so we also present a very low risk option to future venues. This gives host clubs the opportunity to deliver significant profit and revenues through food and beverage sales.

Event & Series sponsorship

If you are interested in promoting your brand by sponsoring any of our events or activities then please talk to Andrea or Catherine The Association's presentation deck can be downloaded here


Advertise your brand with the National Scorpion Association and partner us in building and maintaining a successful, exciting class around the UK.

For our members the Class website is an important channel of communication. If you are interested in advertising your services and/or products on this site please get in touch with


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